Oz Media

Healthy Radio Commericals for Network TV affilIates and the advertising world…

In 1990, Wayne Osley opened Oz Media Productions in Orlando Florida. After being hired in 1991 by WESH in Orlando to produce their sweeps radio commercials,  he had found a niche that would be challenging and rewarding and would propel Oz Media into the world of television.

Oz Media continues to work with some of the best tv news affiliates in the country and we love it. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredible creative writers, producers and agency people around.

Also see us for Orlando Deposition Video.




Professional Sound

A music drop here, a sound effect there, how about a slight delay to really drive that point home! We know just the right recipe to make your spots sparkle, that’s our guarantee. We work directly with your marketing dept., talent, media buyers, EVERYBODY, to be sure that the work flow is set.



We also feature our Oztraffic system that really streamlines trafficking between our clients and the radio stations in your market.  Concise and clear, everybody is on-board with what’s coming down the pike. Make goods aren’t good, especially when you’ve missed promoting one of your best stories of the book! We will do our best to be sure that your make-good occurrence is rarely to not at all..